The MS Life Support Clinic & the Support You Need

At the MS Life Support Clinic, we understand how life changing a diagnosis of MS can be. Even though you might try to make sure it changes your life as little as possible, there is no escaping that fact that your diagnosis is a sea change, a turning point to another path. It'll sometimes be a struggle to keep things even close to normal, much less the way your life was before the diagnosis.

That's why the MS Life Support Clinic was founded: to provide you the support you need, and to get your life as near normal as possible.

While right after a diagnosis of such life changing import everything might seem dizzying or out of step, you will need to start to figure out your next step: how to go on living your life, treating your disease, and figuring out how to be the same you you've always been, but just with MS. In other words. how do you be you and not the MS? This is not easy, it takes more than just treatment plans, it takes a whole new way of thinking. At the MS Life Support Clinic, our medical staff works with you to discover the best treatment plan for you, one that lets you live the life you want as nearly as possible.

At the MS Life Support Clinic we help you develop a plan to deal with your disease, a plan to let you live your life and not have your disease live it for you.

How Can We Help You?

MS is a disease that causes your body to betray you. Suddenly, it won't, or can't, do the things you're telling it to do. This can be a frustrating, painful, even fearful time. You don't have to face it alone, and you don't have to put a burden on friends and family members. They want to help, but often they don't, and really can't, understand the profound change you are going through, and you don't want to worry them, no matter how much they want to lend you their support. The MS Life Support Clinic is here to help you with this transition and to support you and your new life.

Our staff at the clinic consists of medical professionals who are all well acquainted with MS, it's trials, remissions and progressions, and can help you find your way through what can be a confusing path of doctors, treatments, flareups and remissions. We have a full medical facility, with overnight rooms, a physical therapy gym including a pool, nutritionists and even staff members and contractors that can come to your home and help you make it ready for MS living.

We accept all forms of payment, and are Medicare and Medicaid authorized. For more information on the Clinic, to contact and set up an appointment, please see our contact us page.

From one of our patients...

I want to thank the MS Life Support Clinic for the help they've given me and my family. After I was diagnosed with MS, I really didn't know where to go to from there. My family tried to help as best they could, but they really didn't understand what was going on or the kind of help I really needed. The MS Life Support Clinic helped me get my life back under control and back on track. They were able to explain to my family, much better than I ever could, just what was going on with me and how we could all move forward. Thanks again, I now feel my life is back under control and that I can deal with the MS and what it will bring.

~ Robert W. Bend, Oregon